Absolute People Screen Pvt. Ltd. empowers employers with information and data to successfully run an employment screening program. As a specialist provider of employee background checks in the region, we help organizations of all sizes to efficiently implement, manage and improve employment screening programs. We pride ourselves on understanding the complexity of carrying out background checks across diverse regions & strive to provide solutions that help organizations make smart, wise and safe hiring decisions.

Our technology helps organizations run screening programs in a totally paperless & inkless environment thereby reducing time & effort and enhancing candidate experience.

Our Brand Philosophy

The strength of our brand is reflected in our logo philosophy.

  • 3 distinct check marks in blue, yellow and red
    convey the meaning of "ABSOLUTE". Blue, Yellow
    and Red are primary colors and hence "absolute"
    or pure. This is in line with our company name.
  • The check marks convey that we are in the
    business of checking/screening PEOPLE.
  • The black brush strokes across the 1st blue
    check mark and the 2nd yellow check mark convey
    the letter "A" & "P" of company name APS.
  • The word SCREEN is in red because we usually
    check something using red ink.
  • In the word PEOPLE the font is in white and
    background in various blocks of grey shade. The
    white font conveys that a prospect could portray an
    excellent image from the outside but may have a
    shady background and hence it is vital to screen him.
  • The blocks of grey shades become lighter (when
    one reads from right to left) as they approach the
    word ABSOLUTE and the grey color fades off to
    become white. White signifies purity and hence
    signifies the literal meaning of the word