Our Principles

Continuous Progress Clients First
At Absolute People Screen Pvt. Ltd. progress is everyone's business. Our success depends on one thing: Our clients’ success.
Absolute People Screen Pvt. Ltd. is founded & run by Ankesh Surinder.

Ankesh Surinder has over 11 years of work experience with large multinational organizations. He started his career with General Electric Corporation where he was responsible for their commercial equipment & auto loan processes. Having worked with General Electric across India and the United States, Ankesh moved on to work for Dell & IBM before joining First Advantage Corporation in 2004. A highly experienced professional in the global screening industry, Ankesh has worked with First Advantage Corporation, a $1B+ global risk mitigation and business solutions firm listed on NYSE for several years. Ankesh was responsible for establishing their East Asian employment screening operation in India before being moved to Hong Kong as Head of Operations for East Asia. In Hong Kong, Ankesh was responsible for driving operations for First Advantage across Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Australia. In 2006, Ankesh was moved to the Philippines and established a permanent full service subsidiary of First Advantage. As COO & Country Manager of the Philippines subsidiary he built the new site into a profitable enterprise with over 250 people. Ankesh was subsequently invited to join First Advantage US Enterprise operations, with the mandate to create an integrated business and client service model globally. After leaving First Advantage, Ankesh has provided consultancy services to firms in the UAE on government, health care & financial services screening programs. Ankesh brings an excellent blend of screening experience to the table from Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

Why Absolute People Screen?

  • Absolute People Screen helps you reduce time & effort to initiate back checks.
  • Our innovative technology solution totally eliminates all paper work & ink.
  • APS helps you completely digitize your existing employee screening process and revolutionizes applicant experience.
  • Your screening program can be totally customized to your requirement.
  • APS totally eliminates the need to fax & scan - Saves time & cost.
  • Our digital signature technology ensures your compliance with local law & creates an inkless environment for applicants.

Absolute People Screen Pvt. Ltd. incorporates leading edge technology to change the way companies screen across the region.



 Team Work